LPG Refill- Do Online, Get Discount An Initiative towards Cashless India

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The Government of India under the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has taken many methods and steps towards making India Digitalized and for this the government has launched various schemes and took some major initiatives. Among the various initiatives of the government one of the primary initiatives is the Discount given on online payment of LPG Refill Oil.

This service was launched on 3rd January 2017 and involves of giving a discount of Rs. 5 on every refill of LPG to every customer who makes an online payment for LPG Refill and books online. The oil Marketing Companies like Indian Oil, BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Cooperation Limited ), HPCL(Hindustan Petroleum Cooperation Limited) have come on the upfront and have supported the government in this project of Digital India and Cashless India. Customers can pay through any existing mode of online transaction i.e Net Banking, credit card, Debit card when they are booking their refills.

The customers can see the discounted price online as well as it will be mentioned in their cash memo as well. This step is taken with initiation of Ministry of Oil & Petroleum and major Companies in this sector to shift the people from cash transaction to Digital transactions and achieve the objective of no- cash or less-cash based transaction. This will encourage the people to do the transaction online and make use of digital payment system to save their money.


The government has asked the oil companies to give a discount 0.75% on cashless fuelling of petrol & diesel and now this service has also been extended to offer a discount of Rs.5 on every LPG refill booked online. The subsidized price of a LPG cylinder of 14.2 Kg is Rs. 434.71 in Delhi, whereas the non-subsidized similar cylinder costs Rs. 585.

These discounts are given in order to encourage the people of the country to become digital and Go Cashless and support the nation in its growth. One of the other major reason of promoting this idea is to reduce the corruption in the country as all the transaction which are digital can be traced easily and hence more transparency is there about the flow of money in the economy of the nation. So this will help the nation and also people will get more used to new technology and accept the changes taking place around them.

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